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Jackson City School Renaissance

Jackson City Alumni, Friends and supporters:

    "THE" Jackson City School was founded in 1910. Since that time, Jackson City has been a beacon of light in the heart of Appalachia's. The Jackson City School System has a long tradition of academic excellence, and has a long list of successful alumni who have achieved numerous significant accomplishments. Each year, the list continues to grow as Jackson City School continues to distinguish itself as one of the highest performing school districts in the State of Kentucky.

    In  order to continue the well-established tradition of excellence, THE Jackson City School is looking to transform itself for the next generation of learners. The school district hopes to launch an education "Renaissance" that will ensure the next generations of Jackson City School students have access to the highest quality of educational opportunities, facilities, and supports. It is imperative that Jackson City School continue to provide educational excellence, especially in times of local community struggles.

To achieve its goal, "THE" Jackson City School is setting an ambitious fundraising goal of One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000) to be raised during the next two years.

The school district has significant plans, and wants to use the resources for the following:  

          - 1928 Building restoration project

          - Front staircase and vestibule (entering building - safe school priority)

          - Campus beautification

          - Scholarship endowment fund

          - Technology and enrichment opportunities for students

    We are calling on all Jackson City Alumni, Friends and Supporters to help us create a Jackson City Renaissance. Your support is crucial to our efforts. If you are able, we would love for you to complete the enclosed donation card and return. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. We would also love to hear from supporters who would be interested in more significant contributions and legacy gifts.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Superintendent Paul Green at 606-666-4979 or Betsy Douthitt at 606-666-7990. With your support, Jackson City School will continue its tradition of excellence for another 100 years.




Betsy Douthitt, President JIF


Sue Clair                                    Michelle Gross                         Teresa Moore

Angie Campbell                        Kim Howard                              J.B. Morgan

Dixie Combs                              Penny Mauk                             Andrea Ritchie

Barb Deaton                              Estill McIntosh                         Andrus Sizemore    

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